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Aluminum Art

Your friends will be impressed when you turn your favorite Kimi into Aluminum Art, and will want to know how you did it! Not only are these perfect for your home, but these are so stunning and dramatic that you will be proud to show them off at work too.

All Aluminum Art panels have a glossy finish, but that only begins to describe the dramatic effect they will give to your personal photograph and favorite Kimi. Dyes are directly infused into these specially coated aluminum panels to create high definition art. Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is These panels have a three-dimensional feel and the image seems to change as walk past it.

These aluminum panels are available with either white or clear base coatings. The clear coating will give a metallic shadow effect to your Kimi that will make it seem like it is popping off the wall. The white gloss panel offers crisp bright whites and excellent color reproduction.

These panels are made with .045" thick aluminum and have rounded corners. The 5" x 7" size includes double sided tape for mounting, while the larger 8" x 10" panels come with a floating wall mount.

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